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Regional Meetings Update

Thank you for those who supported UC's student chapter by purchasing a SEAoO Cincinnati polo last month! Your support helps students to become the structural engineering professionals our communities need!

Regional meetings are postponed until further notice due to COVID.  We look forward to safely resuming meetings when possible.  Interested in helping to plan future meetings, have a topic that interests you, or willing to present at an upcoming meeting?  Please send us an email.


Cincinnati Team Leaders:
Mindy Barber, P.E.; Phil Niekamp, E.I.; Abby Lehmenkuler, P.E.
[email protected]


Local meetings will resume in the next month or so. 

– Cleveland Team Leader:
Jason Hoover, P.E., S.E. 
[email protected]


SEAoO Columbus 

The previous SEAoO Columbus planning chair has relocated out of state.  To help spread the workload, we're hoping to assemble a team to plan future meetings.  If you're interested helping plan meetings or willing to present, please send us an email.

– Columbus Team Leaders:
(Currently Vacant)
[email protected]

Regional meetings are postponed until further notice due to COVID.  We look forward to safely resuming meetings when possible. Interested in helping to plan future meetings, have a topic that interests you, or willing to present at an upcoming meeting?  Please send us an email.

– Toledo Team Leaders:

John Morganstern; Kyle Blosser  
[email protected]


Interested in helping to plan future meetings, have a topic that interests you, or willing to present at an upcoming meeting?  Please send us an email.

Dayton Team Leaders:
Mark Remmetter, P.E., S.E.; Sarah Kate Dangelo, E.I.,; Peter Giessel, P.E., S.E.
[email protected]


May 2020  

NCSEA's SE3 Survey (Structural Engineering Engagement & Equity)

The NCSEA SE3 survey is the largest nationwide survey of structural engineering professionals in the United States and provides valuable comprehensive information about our profession regarding demographics, compensation, satisfaction, engagement, and retention.

By participating in this 10-15 minute, anonymous survey, you will be helping us understand what topics and issues Ohio structural engineers find satisfying and engaging about the profession. In 2018, Ohio only had 41 respondents (less than 15% of members).  We currently only have 20 but are hoping to double (or even triple this year's respondents) to ensure our voice is heard at the national level when survey findings and paths forward are discussed.

2020 NCSEA SE3 Survey Link

Please also forward to as many colleagues in your area as you feel comfortable, especially ones that are not part of SEAoO or those who have left for other careers, as they are the hardest to reach, but equally important! 

Thank you in advance for your help and participation in this important study. We really appreciate your support and look forward to sharing the results with you in the fall.

Mindy Barber, P.E.
SEAoO Past-President & National SE3 Committee Member
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Past President's message

To keep SEAoO’s Code of Regulations (COR) up-to-date and reflective of our current practices, the Board of Directors periodically reviews the COR and suggests amendments/changes.  The final steps to adopt these revisions requires us to notify professional members of the proposed changes at least (15) days prior to the Board's vote (June 8).  If 25% of the Professional Members submit in writing an objection to the revisions, the Board's vote will not occur. 

Professional members - please take a minute to review the summary of major changes (below) and the attached COR document, which tracks all proposed changes.  If you take exception, please email your concerns by May 29 to SEAoO's Past-President Mindy Barber ([email protected]) and President Phil Niekamp ([email protected]).

Summary of Proposed Major Changes to SEAoO’s 2020 Code of Regulations:

  1. Article II Section 1 (Membership Grades and Qualifications):
    1. Redefines “Associate members” as members who graduated within the past one (1) year.
  2. Article III Section 1 (Board of Directors: Members and Qualifications):
    1. Changes the required number of directors from six (6) to a maximum of six (6) and a minimum of four (4).
  3. Article IX (Social Media):
    1. Added Section 1 (Overview), which explains SEAoO’s rationale for engaging in social media posts and provides examples of acceptable posts.
    2. Added Section 2 (Rules), which provides guidelines for posted content.
    3. Added Section 3 (Legal), which limit’s SEAoO’s liability and aligns with our parent organization’s (NCSEA) dislaimers.


Once again, thanks for supporting SEAoO – stay healthy!
Mindy Barber, P.E.
SEAoO Past-President
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SEAoO Education Committee

Scholarship Opportunities:

The 2020 SEAoO Educational Awards application deadline was extended to Friday, May 1st and once again we've received great applications this year.  The winners will be contacted by July 3rd and announced at the Annual Conference.


Jobsite Tours

Do you have a local project that is under construction or know of a project that students would enjoy visiting?  Remember how much you learned during site visits?  Email me to get in contact with your local SEAoO student chapter and schedule a student site visit for next year!

Thank you,

Bernie Kooi, PE, SE, LEED AP
SEAoO Basic Education Committee Chair
[email protected]

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SEAoO Membership Committee

Membership renewal for all levels is still open.  Dues remain the lowest amongst all SEA's and have not increased for several years.  Note that if your membership lapsed, you must rejoin as a new Member ($50 vs. $40 renewal).

As a reminder, SEAoO's membership levels include:

  1. Professional Member: Members that are licensed professional engineers.
  2. Associate Member: Members that graduated with a structural engineering-based degree (undergraduate or graduate) within the past 4 years.
  3. Student Member: Members enrolled full-time in a secondary or post-secondary school.
  4. Member: Members that DO NOT qualify as member types #1, 2, or 3.

If you answer yes to any of the following questions, please email us at [email protected] to change your member category and ensure you receive appropriate voting rights and Young Member emails.

  • Did you become a PE since your last renewal? 
  • Did you graduate since your last renewal? 
  • Has it been more than 4 years since you graduated?

Thank you,

Mindy Barber, PE
SEAoO Membership Committee Chair
[email protected]

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SEAoO Annual Conference

Due to concerns of COVID-19 and the current social distance requirements set by the Ohio State executive branch we are considering postponing the SEAoO Annual Conference and/or offering a virtual web seminar with continuing education sessions for PDHs for the fall. We will notify you in the next month's Newsletter of our final decision for the Annual Conference this year.

Stay tuned for additional details.



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Recognition Committee

2019-2020 Recognition Event Kickoff

Thank you to those who in the past have nominated the individuals who have demonstrated outstanding service & commitment in our profession for the following categories:

  • Young Engineer of the Year
  • Engineer of the Year
  • Lifetime Achievement 

However due to COVID-19 complications and a lack of nominations we are re-opening the nomination period to take applications for the categories mentioned above. Therefore if you know of an individual who you feel has demostrated outstanding service & commitment in our profession please reach out to the Recogition Committee chair in the email below. We are in the process reopening applications and a notice of the application process will be sent out in the coming weeks.  

For those with an interest in supporting the Recognition Committee or those with questions regarding the Recognition Event, please contact the committee chair at:

[email protected].

Thank you!

Antonio Verne, PE
SEAoO Past President / Recognition Committee Chair
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