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ACI Cincinnati - Ken Hover: The Concrete Quality Control Challenge, Twins Separated at Birth

December 07, 2011
5:30 PM to 8:30 PM
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Kingsgate Conference Center
151 Goodman Street
Cincinnati, OH 45219

The Concrete Quality Control Challenge, Twins Seperated at BIrth (PDH available)

Ken Hover , PhD, P.E., Cornell University, President ACI.

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          6:00pm Dinner
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Kingsgate Conference Center
151 Goodman Street
Cincinnati, OH 45219

Concrete cylinders and the concrete in the actual structure are like twins separated at birth. They both have the same parents, they share the same DNA, and if they were both exposed to the same environments and life experiences, they would grow up to be similar in many ways—sometimes even identical in appearance and behavior. But the concrete cylinders and the concrete structure were separated at birth. In fact, they were separated at the end of the truck chute. One was made in layers and placed by hand with a scoop while the other was squeezed, compressed, decompressed, dropped, and splattered into one or many layers.

One was mercilessly beaten and smacked with a steel rod, while the other was shaken with a vibrator (or not). The rod treatment did not change the air content much, but the vibrator knocked the socks out of the air. One twin was left more or less alone, all by itself in a cold or hot cruel world for a day or so before it was rewarded by being sent off to a spa where it was pampered and kept warm and moist until its day of reckoning (but the trip to the spa may have been pretty bumpy). The other twin was at least surrounded initially by more if its own kind (minimizing the effect of ambient conditions), but then it was left for the rest of its adolescence in a more or less uncontrolled environment. Finally they meet, in the form of cylinder strength vs. core strength, and air content at the chute vs. air content in place. Is it any wonder that the "twins" are now very different from each other?

Our after-dinner discussion will explore any applications that this story might have on specifying and interpreting standard concrete tests.

Ken Hover is a Professor of Civil & Environmental Engineering and Stephen Weiss Presidential Fellow at Cornell University in Ithaca, New York, and currently President of the American Concrete Institute and Past President of the Greater Mi- ami Valley Chapter of ACI. He is a member of ACI Committees 305 (hot weath- er), 306 (cold weather), 318A (concrete and construction), past chair of 308. (curing), and past chair of 301C (materials and construction).


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