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SEAoO Cleveland - "SEs Unite: What We All Do Wrong" and "High Performance Concrete for Floor Slabs"

January 18, 2018
5:30 PM to 8:45 PM
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Euclid Chemical Technical and Training Center
19320 Redwood Road
Cleveland, OH 44110

"Structural Engineers Unite: What We All Do Wrong" and "High Performance Concrete for Floor Slabs"  (2.5 PDH)

#1:  Mark Drotar, Senior Project Engineer, S-E-A

#2:  Aimee Pergalsky, Manager, Business Development Group, Euclid Chemical

Mike Mahoney, Director of Marketing and Technology, Euclid Chemical

Presentation #1:  Mr. Drotar will guide a round table discussion about today’s litigious atmosphere and how we got here and how we’ve done it to ourselves.  He will draw on his experiences in forensic engineering, a significant portion of which supports litigators who are either defending or attacking engineers and their practice.  There are a few (ok, maybe more than a few) things we do wrong on a regular basis.  These ‘wrong things’ may be the result of misguided intent to lessen liability when in fact they amplify it.

Attendees are encouraged to bring photos and examples and several of the speaker's examples will be discussed.  This will be a lively discussion, because it will challenge the ‘because it’s the way I’ve always done it’ mentality.

Presentation #2:  Euclid Chemical will teach how to properly specify, place and finish high performance concrete for industrial floor slabs.  State-of-art and new development in mix proportioning, crack and curling control, joint spacing, placing methods and equipment will be covered.  Specification language and pre-construction agenda checklists are included in the discussion.

Learning Objectives:
1. Learn about high performance concrete mix designs and how that compares to regular concrete mixes
2. How to properly specify high performance concrete mix designs: concrete mixes, placing, finishing and curing
3. ACI design requirements for industrial floor slabs
4. How to specify high performance concrete mixes for industrial floor slabs

      5:30pm – Presentation #1
      6:45pm – Dinner Break
      7:30pm – Presentation #2
      8:45pm – End of Meeting

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      Earlier reservations are appreciated.
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