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SEAoO Cleveland meeting - Power Plant Loads & Concrete Restoration

November 21, 2013
5:30 PM to 8:45 PM
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Strongsville Library
18700 Westwood Drive
Strongsville, OH 44136

Presentation #1:  "ACI 562 Code Requirements for Evaluation, Repair, and Rehabilitation of Concrete Buildings"

This presentation will review and provide discussion on the ACI 562 Code Requirements for Evaluation, Repair, and Rehabilitation of Concrete Buildings and Commentary was adopted in 2013.  This development resulted from the variations in practice and performance of concrete repair producing different levels of safety, serviceability, and economics allowing poor contractors to drive out the better.  The public deserves protection and assurance, but building officials have limited resources.  All of this pointed to development of this accepted standard of practice. 

Speaker #1 bio:  Fred Goodwin is a chemist with over thirty years of experience in the construction chemicals industry, including cement manufacture, research, development, and technical support of grouts, adhesives, coatings, shotcrete, stucco, flooring, and concrete repair materials.   He has been with BASF and its predecessors for 24 years.

He is an active member of ICRI, ACI, ASTM, NACE, SDC, and SSPC.  He is a fellow of ACI and ICRI, an Honorary Member of ASTM C9 and C1, a former chair of ACI 364 Rehabilitation, and former chair of ASTM C09.68 Volume Change.  He is currently chair or the ICRI 320 Materials and Methods, ACI 515 Protective Systems, and ASTM C09.41 Cement Based Grouts and was recently appointed to both ACI and ICRI TAC.  He is a guest lecturer for the Grouting Fundamentals short course at the CO School of Mines and was awarded the 2006, 2010, and 2012 Editors Award from JCPL as well as the ACI Delmar Bloem Award in 2011.  He is the inventor for four US patents, was recently named as one of the top 25 Innovative Thinkers by Technology Publishing, and is a frequent speaker at ICRI, ACI, and SSPC national convention sessions

Presentation #2"A Discussion of Power Plant Loads and Load Combinations

This presentation will provide a discussion of Power Plant Loads and Load Combinations.  The presentation will focus on the design of steel support structures within electrical power generating facilities (power plants) which burn fossil fuels to generate electricity.  Many of the loads involved in the design of power plant structures are the same as those encountered in the design of any typical building or structure, such as dead load, live load, snow load, wind load, and earthquake load.  However, for each of these loads there are characteristics which are specific to power plants, and these will be discussed.  In addition, the design of a power plant structure involves loads which are not specifically discussed in ASCE 7-10.  Examples of these loads include ash load, unbalanced pressure forces, forces due to thermal expansion and contraction of high-temperature equipment and ductwork, and boiler loads.  The characteristics of these loads will be discussed.  Finally, the presentation will provide guidance to the structural engineer for combining the loads to determine the overall design loads for the power plant structure.

Speaker #2 bio:  David Six, P.E.Principal Structural Engineer, Babcock & Wilcox Power Generation Group

      5:30pm – Presentation #1
      6:45pm – Dinner Break
      7:15pm – Presentation #2
      8:30pm – End of Meeting

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