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Call to Action

We, the Structural Engineers Association of Ohio (SEAoO) Board of Directors, support the joint statement and Call to Action ( from our parent organization The National Council of Structural Engineering Association (NCSEA), Coalition of American Structural Engineers (CASE), and Structural Engineering Institute (SEI) prompted by the tragic events of recent weeks. Therefore, we ask that our members continue to act in a manner that promotes diversity, equity, and inclusion within our profession. We recognize and understand change is everyone’s responsibility and is only possible through sustained collective action as individuals at the organizational, company and societal levels.

The SEAoO Board of Directors is committed to and supports the NCSEA joint Call to Action in partnership with other state structural engineering associations. SEAoO will support these efforts by:

  • sending a representative to the newly formed NCSEA joint committee to collaborate and coordinate on actions to improve equity and opportunity in our profession
  • sharing NCSEA resources for our members on the topics of racism, discrimination, and equality specific to the Architectural, Engineering & Construction (AEC) industry and design professions
  • working with the NCSEA Structural Engineering Engagement & Equity (SE3) committee to collaborate on additional dimensions of diversity in the profession and consider programs to commit to greater engagement and equity accordingly
  • continuing to engage with student chapters at the university level to increase the diversity of engagement in programs that lead to careers in structural engineering through our professional outreach, mentoring and student scholarship programs.


For those interested in helping to be a part of lasting change in our local communities, please reach out to your region lead for information on how to support the Call to Action initiatives. For those interested in joining a SEAoO SE3 committee that will support the efforts of the NCSEA SE3 diversity committee, please contact any Officer or board member (