Message from the President

January 2018

Happy New Year! It is my sincerest hope that this year is filled with happiness and personal growth. 2018 is a very special year for the Structural Engineers Association of Ohio (SEAoO). Fifteen years ago, dedicated men and women saw it their duty to establish a member organization to not only benefit current practicing professionals, but also the next generation of professional structural engineers. SEAoO continues to be one of the more highly regarded member organizations in NCSEA, and that is due in large part to our outstanding members, which I have the pleasure of serving this year as your President.

The Board of Directors will have a few new faces this year. I want to thank Denny Birkemeier for several years of service to the organization as Director and, most recently, as Secretary. He will continue to be involved with the Annual Conference Committee and the local Toledo Section. His dedication to the organization has been invaluable. Thank you Denny!

I also want to welcome Phil Niekamp to the Board. Phil has been an integral member of the Cincinnati Section, and I look forward to his increased involvement with the organization. Tim Gilbert will remain on the Board as our Secretary. Frank Monastra did a wonderful job last year as our President and will now serve as Past President. Our organization saw record professional and student membership levels in 2017. I am excited to continue this growth and hope our numbers are even higher when I hand off the helm to Mindy Barber, President-elect, in 2019.

My focus this year will be building on the momentum of last year’s historic numbers. I plan on putting a concentrated effort on building our Young Members Group. This group will organize Young Members activities and work to provide a bridge for these members from academia to the professional workforce. This group will expose our Young Members to the organization and hopefully spark their interest to move into leadership positions within SEAoO. I also encourage all practicing professionals, regardless of their years of experience, to leverage their knowledge and mentor the next generation of engineers.

In addition to promoting our growth, I also plan to recognize those that have made outstanding contributions to the organization and profession. The newly established Awards Committee will be rolling out three annual awards aimed at highlighting the significant professional contributions of our members. More information on the Young Members Group and awards will be outlined in upcoming newsletters.

Lastly, as previously mentioned, our organization would not be where it is without our members. Their passion and dedication to the profession makes them an invaluable resource. I encourage everyone to take part in our Section meetings and Annual conference, collaborate, and learn something new. Our Board of Directors is at your disposal, if you should find yourself needing assistance with a unique design challenge, we will be at the ready to assist you connecting with our members.

Antonio Verne

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