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12/15/17: OSU Student Job Shadowing event in February: SE companies needed!

SEAoO and The Ohio State University SEAoO Student Chapter are teaming up again to bring you the annual job shadowing event!

We're looking for companies to host any number of students in their office to show them what the structural engineering profession has to offer. We believe this will be a great experience for both the OSU students and the companies. This event will allow the students to better make decisions about the direction of their career and classes they may choose to further their education, while for the company it is a fun and rewarding way to show what they are all about.

This year's event will be held between February 26, 2018 and March 9, 2018. The exact time and date will be coordinated between each student and company. Generally, the company and students will pick one morning or afternoon during which the students will shadow engineers and modelers for 3-4 hours. SEAoO is happy to provide a suggested itinerary upon request. Each company will receive a résumé from the student to help tailor the event to the student's level of experience.

Attached are the minimum requirements to describe your company as well as an example flier. Please send your company's informational flier to Bernie Kooi at by Friday, January 5.

A big thank you to the companies and professionals that have made this event such a great success in the past!  We will be in contact with those involved in last year's program to help facilitate involvement this year's event.

A sample Job Shadowing Company form can be downloaded HERE.