Message from the President

January 2016

SEAoO is an organization with a high level of achievement, driven to success by our past leaders and our members.  And I am positive that the best days of our organization are ahead.  It is my good fortune that members like you have trusted me with a year of its stewardship.  Our team is committed to serving our profession and building its ranks.

I wish to start with a few words of thanks.  Thank you to all of our members for your support and for selecting me to be President of SEAoO this year.   Thank you to all of our past officers for building SEAoO into the leading structural engineers’ organization in Ohio.  Thank you to the students for choosing to pursue such an uplifting career.  And thank you to all of you who look to SEAoO to play a role in the development of current and future structural engineers.

Since its founding in 2003, SEAoO has grown to be one of the most highly regarded member organizations in NCSEA. Through your support and the diligent work of our volunteers, SEAoO is able to: attain a membership level in the top quarter of state organizations; economically offer a wide array of educational and professional opportunities; present a high quality annual conference; share regular email newsletters; maintain current web pages and social media pages; and offer student awards to help build for the future of our profession.   

In my preparations to step into this office, I reflected on how I might best serve the organization and sustain the high standards set by my predecessors and collaborators.  This led me to set these goals aimed at building on the efforts of our team and members:

  • Seek feedback from you so to gain a better understanding of what we do well and where we have opportunities to better serve the profession and our members
  • Communicate regularly through a variety of outlets
  • Attend functions in each of our five regions
  • Work diligently to pass onto Frank, who will step into this role next year, the reigns of an organization that is a little better than it is today.


Thanks again.  I hope you look forward to the year ahead as much as I do.
Tim Gilbert

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